Full Metal Jacket == INSPIRING

Wow I just watched Full Metal Jacket for the first time (I’ll watch it many times more hehe).

There’s so much about this movie that just awesome. The visuals, the thrilling moments, the music, the characters, the funny parts (“Choke yourself!” muahaha), and the fact that Kubrick doesn’t preach to us but gives the viewer room to think.

I love the raw feel of the movie. And it’s not a usual war movie too.

Makes me think that war games, especially FPS ones still have a lot of space to explore. War is such a broad topic with so many things that can make you think. And the best the games industry can come up with is one controversial level in MW2 where you get to shoot helpless civilians. PUH-LEEEZE.

Actually, the shooting part is really not the most interesting and thought provoking thing about war.

There’s much more that speak much deeper to us. The way war can test people’s morals for example, the way that killing people damages soldiers psychological health and its consequences in and out of combat zone. The way war can make you questions a greater order of things and the very existence of god. The way war causes suffering for so many people, or the way that war embodies failure of inter human communication. The way difference in ideologies can cause hatred and in consequence war. There are so many things that speak to us and make us think that can be focused on in a game, especially when we’re an active entity in such a scenario.

And the most thought provoking things we got until now are random quotes about war after getting killed and a controversial level? It’s saddening.

How bout a game about embedded journalists who film and document combat, who because they don’t have to shoot people, have a greater freedom of viewing the facets of war.

How bout a strategy game where you have to basically do nation-building as is being tried in Afghanistan, constantly trying to fight guerillas and help to develop the countries security, educational and other institutions and answering to criticism from the home country. A game that even makes you question if nation-building is a right thing to do anyway. That would also help people understand the challenges soldiers and social workers have to face in such situations. This could seriously educate people.

And games like that would have a stronger relevance than a COD7, maybe even make non-gamers play games for the same reasons they watch movies. Because it’s not a simple waste of time.

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