Random Rant: Leave Chinggis Alone!

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Yup, leave the guy in peace. It’s alright if you write about him, study the history etc. This message goes to my fellow Mongolians: LEAVE THE GUY ALONE!

He’s been dead for 783 years, man. His achievements are grand yes, he is pretty much the ONLY reason why anybody in the world would know Mongolia existed. Us Mongolians have a lot to thank him for, image wise. And his name is being abused to a perverse extent.

What I’m also getting annoyed of is that people here are so stuck up their asses with our grand history that they have to name every stupid little product that Mongolia ever made after him. We got alcohol named after him, beer, food, hotels and even really shitty low-quality products carry his name or try somehow to cash in on the history. It’s an insult, and it’s getting ridiculous.

"But sir, our product sucks! It wont sell!" "Hm...screw it, just put a guy with a costume on the cover!"

So here goes my plea to my fellow Mlians: stop crying after what has been. Stop abusing so shamelessly what little marketing value there is left in Chinggis and others. Get up of your lazy asses and get working on something! Build and do something worthwhile instead of trying to “somehow find money”. Don’t be lazy. Don’t make excuses. It’s for your own good, if not at least to develop your country.
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