Random Rant: I want reputable journalism!

Like this at Facebook! Where are you from? Do they abuse the TV news in your country the same way as they do in Mongolia?
By abusing I mean sneaking in advertising some “sponsor” or other. In no country have I seen something that they call “Business News” here. It’s fucking ridiculous. Business News are not what you’d expect from the name, some Bloomberg-like informational show that’s about economics. Nope, not in Mongolia. Here, this means watching some “reporter” walking around some shopping mall presenting products to the audience, telling us about how great this new sale is or some bullshit like that. FUCK YOU I DON’T WANNA WATCH SNEAK COMMERCIALS! I WANNA WATCH THE FUCKING NEWS!

I wouldn’t call it corruption, because that word is used so often here, it lost its meaning. It’s just so sad that they take the little time of the only useful show (the actual news) during they day and drag it through the mud of capitalist greed. Sure, they can make shows like this, but PLEASE don’t disguise it as actual news, and don’t say that’s journalism. This is a serious problem in Mongolia, and I don’t see any debate about the subject. It’s like because everyone here is so used to living in a ridiculous society where they get shit thrown at them all the time, that the theft of our news program isn’t all that important anymore. IT’S FUCKING CORE to for any democratic society that we get a reputable objective  news show with relevant content everyday, because we’re fucking citizens. If we don’t know what’s going on and can’t form our own views, then it’s no wonder that morons rule this country. BECAUSE THE CITIZENS ARE IDIOTIZED. Thank god for the internet! No actually thank…the guys who invented the internet.
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