FlashPunk Tutorial: Created a Repository on GitHub

Like this at Facebook! Good morning/afternoon/evening/night my fellow FlashPunk developers! As suggested by Gornova81 over on the FlashPunk forums, I decided to publish my code on an online version control system. As I was writing the code for the pathfinding, I realized there were various other problems with my existing code, so I did a lot of refactoring before writing the pathfinding. So, I realized that as the code grows in size, writing a tutorial series with line-exact code descriptions that is based on a morphing project is kinda insane. I think it’s better for me personally to simply publish the code on GitHub (gave me a reason to learn how to use it, too), write about the important parts in the tutorials only with reference to defined commits of the code is a better way of doing this. In the end, this allows me to focus on the development and makes writing tutorials easier and quicker.

I hope you check out the repository and who knows, maybe it could become a team effort, if that is what is best for the project. I have to warn you though, the latest commits are not always going to be working a 100%. I will be breaking and re-assembling a lot, it’s my playground after all :D.

I’m always trying to keep the quality of the code architecture-wise on a high level, as well as comment code where it makes sense and use clearly understandable naming conventions wherever possible.

So the repository link is here: http://github.com/dolgion1/FlashPunk-JRPG-Engine

I’m also new to GitHub, so there might be a few changes regarding the repository itself here and there. I have used SVN in production before though, so I’m pretty confident I’m not going to mess up anything big-time.

The tutorial on pathfinding is currently being written, having taken care of this whole how-to-continue-writing-tutorials-without-going-crazy issue for now. Well then, be ready for it tomorrow or the day after. The Doglion logging out….

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